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My first software project was written in Turbo Pascal in the 80's. It was a Payroll, Estimating, Job Cost, Payables and Financial Analysis written for a medium sized Construction Company. This program was moderately successful. This was before the Internet and did not include a database. The storage mechanism was files of records and was a client server program.

In the late eighties I got a job working for the Information Foundation in Downtown Denver. IF had several contracts the Army. We used an Informix database and created a custom interface in the programming language C. These programs were also client server applications.

In the early nineties I worked contract for PAI Inc. and Cobe Laboratory. They also were client server applications.

I was hired as a contractor to work 750 hours at in the AFDC Data center at the National Renewable Energy Lab. In 1994 the World Wide Web was brand new. Our AFDC website was on of the first 10,000 in existence. In the mid 90's I learned the computer language Perl. We had a Oracle database with a custom Perl front end. The data center had a sophisticated dynamic database driven site that I created. Around 2000 I started using php to create web sites. In 2010 after sixteen years at the Data Center and writen million of lines of code my contract was not extended.

I have had my own Linux server since 1995. The database is Mysql, the primary language is PHP.

In February 2011 I started writing php code for the CE website. The Real Estate start-up CE Recorder, Inc. CE tracks professionals education in order to fulfill Continuing Education requirements to maintain valid licenses. I used my web experience to create an intuitive site to catalog Continuing Education Courses and track professional education wants and needs. I have used jquery, AJAX and other modern web technologies to create calendars, maps, auto-database lookup and forms validation.

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