Why would anyone want to go with another PC Operating System when Bill Gates has a perfectly good one that 95% of the people on the planet use?

If you have a pc, do a little word processing, maybe use Quicken for your household accounting and surf the net on aol, Microsoft products will work fine for you.


If you demand more from you pc than the average person

The Top ten reasons to buy Linux:

  • You want your own internet server.
  • You are looking into purchasing a NT server.
  • You are a power internet user.
  • You are not really crazy about making the richest man in the world richer.
  • You have a slow old 486 and not willing to spend more money for a decent web browser.
  • Are tired of General Protection and all his faults.
  • Would like to experience a true multi-user multi-tasking machine without mortgaging the ranch.
  • Are worried about internet security and want quick fixes for new holes.
  • Own a NT box and finding out it is slow and not scalable.
  • you are a programmer who wants to learn more about open systems and earn some real money!
  • MW Software can deliver a PC fully configured with Linux that will outperform anything that comes out of Redman Washington. We can even do system administartion remotely, to ensure that your system runs smoothly. Unlike other systems, Linux is scalable and able to run on high performance alpha machines. If you are unhappy with you current performance, an alph machine might be a solution for much less than you would expect.

    If you would like more information about Linux or Alpha Machines please email to Mark Winter

    PO Box 481762

    Denver, Colorado